Sunday, 26 May 2024

BlueHost vs DreamHost – Which is the best?

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Both BlueHost and DreamHost are affordable and great hosting providers that provide a large range of tools, features as well as services. Each of them offers a similar kind of plan, which includes share and managed WordPress hosting, as well as VPS and dedicated hosting options. You can visit the webpage scientist in order to have a clearer view.

Features of DreamHost

DreamHost is one of the popular hosting providers available. Currently, it is hosting over one and a half million websites out of which 750k are WordPress installations. This is a good choice for designers, blogs, and small businesses.

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Although features offered but DreamHost differ depending upon the plan you choose, it gives you the following features –

  1. Free domain name is provided
  2. Unmetered bandwidth is assured to the customers
  3. WP website builder is provided
  4. Automatic WordPress updates are given
  5. WordPress is pre-installed
  6. Free SSL certificate is given
  7. Provides you with 100% uptime guarantee
  8. Assures 24×7 support
  9. Automatic daily backups are assured

Features of BlueHost

BlueHost is another popular web hosting provider that powers about two million websites on the globe. BlueHost has many things to offer which include shared and managed WordPress hosting. Webpage scientist gives you a better view of it. You can choose one out of four shared hosting plans by it and with all of the plans, they provide you with the following features-

  1. Provide you with a free domain name ( for the first year )
  2. Automatic WordPress is given
  3. One-click WordPress install is provided
  4. Unmetered bandwidth is given
  5. cPanel access is assured to the customers
  6. 24×7 support is given to customers
  7. Website staging environment
  8. Free SSL certificate is provided