Wednesday, 17 Jul 2024

Get Inspired From Hamed Wardak And His Works

Contributions Of Hamed Wardak

Hamed Wardak is a very hard worker and is an intellectually quite competent man. He has been very successful to date because of all his creative ideas and his immense intellect. Wardak spent his childhood days mostly in Afghanistan and was the son of Afghanistan’s Defence Minister.  He has also been to Georgetown for his educational purpose and earned a degree in Political and Governmental Theory. The year he received his graduation degree, he had also earned the Rhodes scholarship, which is considered to be a prestigious scholarship.

business venture started by Wardak

Contributions Of Hamed Wardak

Hamed Wardak has also been associated with US-Afghanistan Partnership and originated the campaign. He believed in both philanthropy as well as in entrepreneurship. Some of his incredible works and contributions have inspired people everywhere.

  • He started forming his own business, thus giving birth to Ludas Athletics, a clothing business.
  • He tried to create social awareness around the world taking the help of his business.
  • He also has made several efforts to take care of the needs of the refugees and even supported the Refugee Agency of the UN. He did that with the help of his profits made from his business.
  • He provided educational privileges to the various underprivileged kids.

Warden’s Work In the field of Music

Another great business venture started by Wardak is his techno music namely Valen of Wicked. The music is said to be thought-provoking and is presented raw. This music of his is a symbolization of courage and honor. His music was original and has become a global phenomenon. This electronic music of his is quite high quality speaks loudly of diversity and discipline. His overall creativity and skills have successfully managed to fill the hearts of people at a great rate globally. Thus, this music helped people to get close to one another and unite.