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Steel plates: what are they and what are they for?

Steel plates what are they and what are they for

Large steel factories and smaller specialized plants manufacture steel plates. There are many types of steel produced by manufacturers. Aside from steel plates, other types are steel bars, slabs, rolls, sheets, and more. Steel plates have many uses. These include the following:

  • structural and construction applications;
  • pressure vessels;
  • marine and offshore equipment; and
  • military applications.


The term steel plate is actually broad and generic. It refers to any steel in the form of a plate. Steel, when combined with other metals to form alloys, can become corrosion-resistant. IT can also be stronger or lighter depending on the combination. The thickness ranges from 3/16 inch to about several inches. A pressure vessel application of a steel plate needs only 3/4 inch thickness. Military-grade anti-armor ammunition testing has to be as thick as possible.


There are many types of steel needed by the construction industry. Some look for steel plate hire for use in buildings, bridges, and even on some vehicles. Structural steel plates are often used in sports stadiums, airports, and warehouses. They are also found in railway stations, prefabricated buildings, and construction vehicles.


The shipbuilding industry also uses steel plates. Ships and barges or oil rigs use these plates. Steel plates are also used in other offshore equipment. Manufacturers create these plates in two ways. Either as structural parts or as repair pieces. The construction of large offshore facilities often calls for very durable steel plates.

Pressure vessel plate

The type of steel plate used for storage containers is what they call a pressure vessel plate. These storage containers are units that store compressed gas or fluid. Examples of these are boilers and gas tanks. Most manufacturers create them to hold contents at outdoor temperatures. There are some containers created to hold contents at more extreme temperatures. Steel plates can be either fine-grain or coarse-grain depending on its purpose.


Higher-grade steel plates are often required for use in military vehicles and buildings. The Department of Defense supervises that to ensure safety and security. There are some steel industries with contracts with the military to manufacturing steel. They manufacture the steel according to the purposes and standards set. These standards are set by the Department of Defense, along with the Army, Air Force, and Navy. The most common uses of military steel plates include tanks, trucks, and jeeps. Aside from ground vehicles, these are also used in air vehicles. These include helicopters and jets. The Navy uses the steel for naval repair and shipbuilding.

There are many considerations needed for any construction project. Among the top of those is the choice of building materials. Steel, with its versatility, affordability, durability, and sustainability, is still the best option. As a result, steel is the world’s most recycled product.