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The reward for following the passion

The reward for following the passion

Taking risks is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires huge courage and passion which automatically leads us to the right path. Each individual will have a dream and it changes every time. But, one dream should be fixed and it shows how serious you are about your career. A person who does not want to take risk lives a simple life, getting inspired by others. But, it takes enormous strength to be the inspirer. There are several such people in this world whom we get encouraged. Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, and many other personalities have contributed heavily to the society to make the world a better place to live. Adding to the list is Ryan Kavanaugh, Founder, Producer, and Philanthropist. His works have had a major impact on the movies that got released in Hollywood. Also, his social welfare activities have been the most heart-warming. His journey started when he realized what he wanted to do in life. He never let go of his dreams and followed it to make it a reality by applying all the ideas and knowledge in his expertise.

More about the founder:

He has founded two companies namely Proxima Media, where he is the Principal and Relativity Media. These two firms have changed the whole perspective of how the movies are being screened and displayed. All his movies have been nominated for 60 Oscars and have won 8. In addition to this, he is also maintaining many other firms that are fully focussed on movies and the financials. He was ranked #22 in the Fortune 40 under 40 and since then his reputation has been skyrocketed. Ryan Kavanaugh has given several interviews in which he has shared about the difficulties he faced in the journey and what inspires him to move forward even with all the barriers that might stop him from doing so.

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His message to the young:

He is not new to awards and accolades. In all his speeches, he puts a hard line on one point and that is to never change for anyone. He advises the young generation not to take any important decisions based on the emotional factor in that situation. Especially in the business front, emotions play a very minimal role and it is always better if that does not count at all. Following the dream and putting action to the plan is what he terms as the first step to becoming what we want. Also, it should be a combined effort that makes any business a huge success.