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Wrap your food materials using stylish beeswax wraps

Wrap your food materials using stylish beeswax wraps

Sustomi, an eco-friendly company was first launched in 2016. It manufactures beeswax food wrappers and other durable and reusable food storage products that aim to completely eliminate the need for plastic food wrap and keep your food fresh throughout your day. Beeswax covered food wrap, the main feature product is made of cotton embedded with Tasmanian beeswax blend, Jojoba oil, and wood resin. It is made with 100% natural ingredients and prevents air leakage and food contamination.

The perfect way to start your low-waste lifestyle, our beeswax covers your basic needs. They are a super versatile standard food wrap, replacing single-use plastic, especially plastic wrap. The beeswax food wrap is 100% natural, made of organic fabric, easy to use, and washable, and you can see how plastic-free replacement is easier than ever! From small vegetables and cheeses to baked goods and even a whole loaf of bread or lunch, you can use the stylish, reusable beeswax wrap in beautiful exclusive designs for the boss who picks up your low waste vibes from your startup. Start kicking your low waste life by shop beeswax wraps which Australia has offered.

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Different categories of low-waste stores

Bags, Totes and produce bags– Facilitate low-waste shopping with SUSTOMi’s Reusable Bags because it has run errors and makes grocery shopping much simpler and more stylish. The range includes fresh, stylish, and versatile pento bags with practical product bags to keep perfect for your lunch and travel, minimal organic cotton tote bag suitable for many things – grocery store, farmers markets, beach days, etc.

Lunch bags– Discover the luxury of a hassle-free lunch and bring a minimalist style to your school steps, working in the common room or lecture hall. Make lunch on purpose with the minimal waste lunch storage options as you travel and take in the world! The washable, hard-to-wear, all-natural paper lunch bag is the perfect accessory for your pre-made meal and comes with a practical magnetic snap label.

Kitchen– From reusable bags to bring your food home, to stainless steel lunch boxes to take your food home, to kitchen cleaning utensils, they really think about and compile all of your favorite standard kitchen items in one place.

Storage containers– The mission is to keep your food fresh and your home beautiful and tidy! So, they have developed standard low waste storage containers to do that. From the popular silicone food bags to stylish lunch bag and versatile on-the-go lunch box, have got all your food storage needs to be based on the lasting capacity of food and the look of the refrigerator.


  • Keeps your food fresher for a long time.
  • It is economical and sustainable.
  • It is anti-bacterial and can be easily composed.
  • It is 100% natural, easy to use, washable, and freezer friendly.