Sunday, 26 May 2024

About Alexei Orlov’s skills management

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How each hour of Alexei Orlov’s life unfolds?

Alexei Orlov sleeps four hours a night. There is no extra time, he sleeps at least four hours every night. This is the best relaxation, when you feel refreshed after the previous day’s ordeal, well rested and ready for the next day. Orlov’s career has included developing a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, building a global brand, achieving success in advertising and marketing, consolidating the finances of a depleted group and even creating a multi-million pound business. Although his success has spanned many companies, countries and even continents, Alexei Orlov does not believe it is the result of a genius or a God-blessed experience. Each one, according to Orlov, is the result of getting up earlier than others, working four hours longer than others, and not stopping until you succeed.

While Orlov could deny the many accomplishments that adorned his profession or stifle his skillful understanding of {professional} management, Alexei and those who worked with MTM Group knew virtually everything about his projects. From operational management to artistic branding, advertising and marketing, the professionals who worked with the MTM founder were certain of one thing: he was a man who knew what he was doing. Alexei Orlov knows what it takes to be a leader.

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Which models excite you?

Changing the direction of digital and social authenticity. For example, it is not enough to tell people that knowledge is safe. We also need to make sure that people’s fears are linked to a real product. What I’m trying to say is that we are now convinced that anyone can do anything at any time. This has led to too many poor people, lacking sensitivity and responsibility. I think the framework and regulations promoted by the GDPR (Essential Knowledge Security Regulation) should not only counter knowledge leakage, but also move towards a more explicit permissions system.

Some believe that leaders are born, others believe that they are ordinary people with amazing resilience, born into the trials of life. For Alexei Orlov, management and its many attributes may have been a given from the start. But the choice the world-renowned entrepreneur made to face the position he now finds himself in is also part of life.