Wednesday, 24 Jul 2024

Alexei Orlov And His Role In Global Marketing And International Business Leadership

Global Marketer and Entrepreneur

Who Is He?

The founder and CEO of MTM Choice have a rich experience of about 30 years and have worked in over 40 countries and 50 brands. Alexei Orlov is a talented practitioner in the field of global marketing and International Business Leadership. The long-range of experience he has and the success he yielded in his life is the effect of his skills, hard work, and determination.

Regarding MTM Choice

MTM Choice is a global marketing and communications group supported by the company’s technologies founded by Orlov in 2017. The four agencies being owned by MTM are

  • NOM
  • Camron PR
  • Local Projects
  • Syndicate Sub Rosa

The group’s successful growth is based upon the strong will, attitude, and appropriate decisions made by him and his team. This media technology platform presently has a revenue of about 75 Million dollars and 160 employees. Almost 120 clients are getting efficient and flawless services from MTC. While considering the local as well as international clients altogether the number will reach about 150. One could find MTC’s offices in New York City, Milan, London, and Los Angeles. An office is about to start n Shanghai also.

What is Alexei Orlov's background

Who Was He Before MTM Came?

Das Group of Companies was where he had been working, and there he was the senior adviser to the chairman and CEO. If we looked back, we could also find him serving as the Global Chief Executive Officer of RAPP. He joined the team in 2014 and got the company back to profits. He was also the Chief Marketing Officer for Volkswagen in the second largest country, China. He has also worked with one of the largest agencies of digital specialists, Wunderman, for eight long years as President and as Executive Vice-Chairman, followed by the post of Global COO. Thus his history is amazingly rich with magnificent experiences and responsibilities, and successes.

His Life And Beliefs… 

He is a man with his way of living as well as perspectives. He truly believes in the beauty of imperfections, and the scope imperfections open up before us to understand and discover better ways to do things. Alexei Orlov himself considers life as a global one the thing that disappointed him is the fact of humankind losing their quality of kindness. So let us pray and act for a world where humanity is restored among humankind.