Saturday, 25 May 2024

Illuminated advertising

Illuminated advertising

Whether single letters, stand systems, push-out banners or large-format advertising systems on facades, executed in a wide variety of techniques one are open to your unusual wishes. During the implementation, Sketch and Etch uses a wide variety of materials in order to fully meet your ideas of an individual and effective advertising light advertisement. The lively dialogue with our customers during the planning phase plays a major role. In-house production and our commitment make almost nothing impossible. With great attention to detail, the company realizes almost everything.

LED technology

The light source light emitting diodes is being used more and more in illuminated advertising. Compared to conventional light sources, “LEDs” offer many advantages:

  • low power consumption
  • long service life
  • constant luminosity
  • easy installation thanks to compact systems
  • high operational reliability
  • low maintenance
  • credentials

As the production is always carried out individually, there are no limits in terms of design. At the same time, the range of color choices is enormous. LED only needs approx. 10-20% of the energy compared to neon tubes. An LED illumination can be led to the edge of a letter. This creates a homogeneous appearance over the entire surface.

Sketch and Etch

A very modern form of production is the manufacture of illuminated individual bodies using full relief technology. The letters or light elements are milled out of thick opal acrylic glass. These acrylic glasses are specially adapted for illumination with LEDs. The LEDs are inserted into the object from behind, with the direction of emission being towards the rear. The lamps are then poured in to make them watertight.

The letters are given a white reflective varnish on the back and on the frames before the top coat is applied. The mirror of the letters can be colored with translucent foils. With a translucent rear and wall clearance, additional corona effects can be created. For a long time, the lighting of illuminated advertising elements in free forms or individual letters was possible almost exclusively with neon tubes. The prerequisite for this was that the shape of the glass tube could be adapted to the object to be illuminated. The combination of glass types and thicknesses, luminescent materials and filling gases ensured a wide range of colors.

While the neon tube installed in the object is not visible later, an open neon tube still exudes an unbelievable fascination. Filter glasses colored glass tubes ensured that the glass used when the neon was open also appears colored during the day. All of these systems are operated with high voltage. Terms such as ignition and operating voltage or earth fault and no-load circuit breakers pose no problems for us.

The conversion of single-letter systems from LED lighting has already been carried out in most systems for years. However, this is impossible when the neon tube is open. The companies are a competent partner for the maintenance and restoration of existing neon systems.