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Know The Arrest Story Of Pastor Norman Quintero

Know The Arrest Story Of Pastor Norman Quintero

Humanity has different sides and shades. Everyone has their dark reality which led them to experience the extremes of life living in jail. All law and disciplinary situations can be formed only with the proper functioning of law and order in the country. Every time, the police come up with some cases which gather huge public interest. One of the cases is of real estate broker, humanitarian, psychotherapist, and a self-described Pastor Norman Quintero got arrested in connection with alleged removal of dollars worth of studio editing, historic photographs, musical instruments from Colombia building.

The Ground Situation

All because of the above-listed allegations, Pastor Norman Quintero had to spend the night in the jail of orange county after the police officers executed the required search warrant at his place on March 23, of this year. Mr Quintero, not home at that time of the raid but later all the reports reached home at his California office, Tustin.

Norman Alberto Quintero

The Current Situation

Currently, booking number 3193227 of orange county shows or reveals that Norman Alberto Quintero is in the custody of the court, waiting for a hearing and bail. As per the police records, it is visible that Quintero is known for being a professional pastor yet while searching more and inquiring further, it is revealed that he held too many titles other than the pastor.

All the other required information which can be revealed in public will be revel soon with further police and court investigation and ruling. It will be interesting to know how things will turn and twist and get their final shape with the ruling. Be at peace since all the necessary details will be known to the public with time. Sit back and have peace with yourself since situations will be unfolded and will be all visible with time. Wait for it to reach the conclusion.