Thursday, 30 May 2024

Story Of Luca Alias Johny

The Mollywood industry has come up with one of the best stories to tell to their audience through films. Unlike the films in Mollywood in the past, the new Mollywood has gone through certain changes that have helped them gain a lot of fan following, and also some of the films have been selected for international awards and screening. So if you are also looking for some of the best Mollywood films with a perfect storyline, you should watch this film Luca which has also been dubbed into the Telugu film retitled as Luca Alias Johny. You can watch this film on the best Telugu OTT platform, aha, at your convenience. 

Luca is a Malayalam drama thriller produced by Linto Thomas and Prince Hussain, and Arun Bose directed it. The director of the film had also co-written the story of the firm along with Mridul George. This film features stars like Tovino Thomas as Luca and Ahaana Krishna as Niharika Banerjee, a.k.a. Niha, in the leading roles. Hansika Krishna played many supporting characters as young Niharika, Nithin George as Akbar Hussain, Rajesh Sharma as Sivan Ashan, Vinitha Koshy as Fathima, Anwar Shereef as Aloshi, Thalaivasal Vijay as police officer Jayaraman, Sooraj S. Kurup as Sooraj, Shalu Rahim as Rohan, MeethuBala as Jannet and many more. Sooraj S. Kurup provided the film’s music and cinematography and the editing work handled by Nimish Ravi and Nikhil Venu. The film was distributed on AHA once it was dubbed into Telugu.

The story of Luca is quite intriguing because it starts with the investigation of Inspector Akbar, who found a diary that tells the tale of two people. The diary contains information about Luca and Niharika, and it also acts as the storyteller for the plot. Luca is depicted as a scrap artist who was very talented and had very few friends. He has anger management issues and often experiences chronic panic attacks, and becomes extremely violent in that state. He met Niharika at an art exhibition where she taunts him about his art. However, they soon form a close friendship, and when Niharika starts living as a paying guest in his home, they form human relationships.

Niharika gets to know about Luca’s mental issues, who had been experiencing necrophobia and severe panic attacks after the death of his mother. Luca also gets to know about Niha’s abuse in her childhood by a close relative. These events and Luca and Niharika’s life had left an indelible scar in their minds, and they both comforted each other and filled their emptiness. Everything changes when Luca is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and the plot turns into a thriller, however, a romantic one.

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