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The demand you need to become an aesthetic nurse

The demand you need to become an aesthetic nurse

Cosmetic nurses support physicians to give treatments for people. Who wants to brighten their appearance in other ways. It can help them to feel optimistic and boost their morale. And if you are curious about becoming an aesthetic nurse. You can check by looking at some insights about what they are doing and how to become one of them.

What is the definition of an aesthetic nurse?

The aesthetic nurses are registered, nurses. That is working in the cosmetic field at the dermatologist’s office or plastic surgeon’s. Its main essence is to assist and give care to the patients. That is going to any procedures for personal reasons. It has a certain way to give the treatment to the patients. Like injectables, laser removal, and acne medications.

What is the role of an aesthetic nurse?

They have a selection of responsibilities and duties that are the same as the nurses. But their specific tasks can contain responsibilities that are also based on specialization. The responsibilities might include:

  • Assist the patients in their operation and do the post-op care
  • Doing your study about new ways and manners to be updated
  • Examining the patient’s skin to look for any health problems and skin issues like aging
  • Helping the surgeons with the operation and its procedures
  • Making an appointment and examine the patients
  • Arranging the rooms and disinfecting the medical tools

How to become one of them?

There are a lot of obligations that you need to do before you can be an aesthetic nurse. You can use these steps to help you become a real aesthetic nurse.


Register in the undergraduate degree program

Aesthetics need to be a registered nurse or a practitioner. That means there are minimal educational requirements. Which are the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. You need to ensure that your university has been accredited to the nursing program. These will include the patient’s care, psychology, clinical study, and more. It will take four to five years to have that degree but it will also matter on your status.

Apply for the licensure

Every place has a nursing board. You need to pass your license application to the board to where you wanted to work as an aesthetic nurse. And if you are planning on working in a different state then you need to get a Nurse License Compact. Which is to practice in different states. You need to pass your college transcripts, your application, and your criminal background. For you to have the knowledge you can try

Get the NCLEX-RN exam

After you request the licensure you will also need to pass the test. It will test you on how much knowledge in a certain protocol and safety. Once you pass the test you can now help physicians in a clinical setup. The examination will take 6 hours. If you did not pass the test then you will wait for 45 days to take the exam again.