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Helpful Tips To Boost Your Milk Supply

Helpful Tips To Boost Your Milk Supply

Not all women are blessed with having an abundant supply of breastmilk for their babies. And if you are worried about not making enough breast milk, know that you are not alone. It is possible to make more breast milk. Aside from using lactation tea, find out how to increase your body’s milk production using these tried-and-true methods women from different generations have been practicing.

Breastfeed As Often As Possible

Let the baby decide when to stop breastfeeding. When your baby suckles, milk is constantly produced. As your baby grows, the muscles in your breasts will start to tighten, slowing down the production of milk. This means that the more you breastfeed, it encourages your body to make more milk.

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Feed Baby From Both Sides

To ensure that your body will continue producing milk, try to feed your baby from both sides. You have to wait until your baby is done nursing from the first side before transferring to the other. Doing this will help to encourage your body to make more milk.

Consider Pumping Between Feeds

So what happens if you are overproducing milk? You are feeding your baby well but you still have more milk to spare. In this case, you can consider pumping in between feeds. Pumping between feedings can help you increase milk production. To make it easier, try warming your breasts before pumping. Also, only pump when you have milk left after feeding or your baby has missed a feeding.

Drink Lactation Tea

Lactation tea is a mix of herbs that most mothers are drinking to help increase the production of milk. It can be taken as hot or cold tea several times a day after giving birth not only to help them relax but also to boost milk production. Many women who have tried lactation tea can attest to the efficacy of this method.

Lactation Cookies

If there’s something to drink to boost milk production, then there’s also something that you can pair it with – lactation cookies. It is easier now to find lactation cookies in different stores and online. In fact, other mommies can also make their own. Like tea, there’s no solid research yet on lactation cookies specifically, to their benefits in breast milk production. But ingredients that contain galactagogues may promote lactation.

So what are you waiting for? If you know that you are having problems producing more milk for your baby, make sure that you give these tips a try. It is expected that some of these suggestions will be more effective for you while others won’t be as promising. And you have to remember that you may respond differently than other lactating mothers when trying these methods. That is because not all women are the same especially when it comes to their bodily functions and reactions.