Saturday, 25 May 2024

How to deal with air compressor noise?

Air compressors come in different models and sizes, but one common thing that you can notice on the air compressor is the loud. It is because the system works around the clock, and it is common that they make the noise. You can consider investing in the quieter model. But if you are having the old model, then you could find some ways to reduce or even eliminate the noise. Here are a few tips that help you to know How to fix a noisy air compressor.

  • The simplest step first to protect your ears is that you can wear ear protection. Because hearing loud noise can affect your ears. This is why it is crucial to wear earplugs. You can also work from a distance from hearing the noise of air compressor operation.
  • Another effective way to minimize the noise of the system is that you can place the compressor in a soundproof setting. For reducing the additional noise, you could also use sound blankets.
  • The main reason that air compressor makes a lot of noise is because of the air-intake. So, you can consider installing the intake silencers. They come with sound-dampening materials and so they reduce the noise.
  • The compressor does a lot of moving work that would make the parts wear and tear. It is crucial to invest in regular maintenance that would reduce the wear and tear making the parts move smoothly. It is good to hire professionals for the maintenance work.
  • To ensure that the air compressor functions the way you want, it is vital to lubricate the air compressor at right time. If you don’t lubricate the system properly, then it would increase the amount of noise.
  • Hence, the above are a few simple ways that you can follow to reduce the noise in the compressor.