Saturday, 20 Apr 2024

Paycom CEO donates $10 million to UCO for stadium upgrades

chad richison

Paycom is one of the noteworthy companies in human capital management that came out of Central Oklahoma. Their CEO chad richison has decided to give back to the community. It is no surprise for the founder of Paycom as he is the University of Central Oklahoma’s largest donor. Paycom is based in Central Oklahoma, and it is an admirable act for the CEO is donate money to the university for improving and expanding its athletics.

Chad Richison has a long history with the university besides being their largest donor. He is a graduating student of the University of Central Oklahoma of 1993 class graduates. Including this donation, Richison has donated over 25 million dollars to the school’s athletic department.

Newer donations from him have helped the athletic department. He has also started giving money to the scholastic side of UCO as well such as scholarships and other aspects of education. One article wrote that he is a “humanitarian.” He is known for his sportsmanship and community involvement. His donations mostly go to the sports department because he was on the University of Central Oklahoma’s wrestling team in the early 1990s.

Richison has also funded the Hamilton Field House. It is one of the largest wrestling rooms in the country. This room received a massive sum of donations from Chad Richison.

chad richison

The university plans to make upgrades and expansions in the athletic department. This donation from Chad Richison will go to:

  • Upgrading the football stadium
  • Renovation of the south and east sides
  • Building of new turfs
  • Adding waterfall features, trees, and more.

Paycom is one of the largest companies in human capital management and has been since its establishment in 1989. One of the reasons that Paycom was able to have such a massive impact on the human capital management industry was because they focused heavily on employee satisfaction, work environment, and employee growth opportunities.

The new stadium is expected to raise the number of seats by 1,900 and make the total number of seats 12,000. The stadium will be able to host more home games especially when the university changes its conference in football and other sports.

The renovations are three times more than what was proposed in the postseason facility assessment. He stated that it will benefit the university, and they did an in-depth study. He is not just talking about numbers or information as he also donated over 25 million dollars to the school. Although Paycom is not a huge company, as Richison stated, he is still giving back because of his love for the university.

Many people are excited about these renovations because they will help UCO raise its profile in the sports industry. Because of these renovations, the university can host more events and attract university recognition. It will develop UCO’s athletic program and help them get better rankings in collegiate sports.