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Suspenseful Tamil Movie Pothanur Thabhal Nilayam

Suspenseful Tamil Movie Pothanur Thabhal Nilayam

If you desire to watch a suspense Tamil movie on Aha, there cannot be a better film for you to watch than Pothanur thabhal Nilayam. This is a film directed and written by Praveen; Passion Studios produced it along with Bicycle Cinemas. You will find Praveen and Anjali Rao in the lead roles in this film.

You will also find Jagan Krish, Venkat Sundar, Seetharaman and others playing supporting roles in this movie. This is one of the best Tamil thriller movies you can find to stream on Aha and is one you would not want to miss. In this guide, you will learn more about this Tamil thriller movie.


The film has a fascinating story that can catch the attention of many, and you will be no different. Praveen just returned from the United States to start a computer business and is looking for loans from multiple banks. As the film is set in 1990, most people are unaware of what a computer is and are unsure whether to give a loan.

But Praveen’s father happens to be a postmaster at the Pothanur post office, which lacks proper security guards. In an attempt to secure and protect the money, an individual steals it, and Praveen’s father repents a lot. After this, Praveen looks to retrieve the money back and whether he is successful in doing it or not forms the remainder of the story.


Most of the part of this Tamil thriller movie streamed on Aha occurs in a post office and a bank. Sometimes, you catch glimpses of unsatisfied customers losing their cool due to the employees over there. At about halfway through the film, you will find many scenes that will increase the suspense with every minute.

You can call it a heist film, and the director adds a certain setting to the tale and narrates it in the 90s. The location is also changed in case of a crime from the bank to the post office. These attempts made by the filmmaker are successful as the film looks retro, and the director has put everything in proper order. All the proper protocols are shown in this film about the post office.

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