Thursday, 30 May 2024

Various Reasons to Use Caskets in Funeral Functions

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The caskets or coffins have a long history and used for a long time to pay the last respect to demised remains. Still, the caskets and coffins are used in funeral functions. Those are used for both the process called cremation and burial. There are a few reasons for using the caskets in the funeral function. Let us see some of those.

  • Caskets are generally used to transport the demised bodies from one place to another place without disturbing much. Also,they will be used to display the remains to pay last respect. The advantages of the casket are the designs and handle provisions. Theconvenient handles with the casket will help to transport the remains easily.
  • It is well known that the buried bodies are very susceptible to animal scavengers. Even these days the grave robbers are being the art of the buried bodies. Hence to safeguard from these problems the caskets will be used. The casket is effectively blocking the access of animals as well as grave robbers. It is also giving peace to the demised bodies without any disturbance.

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  • If the person is passed away because of any communicative disease the usage of a casket will support reducing the spread of that communicative disease to others who present for the last respect. The caskets are not made airtight hence providing the extra layer inside the casket will increase the chances of protection from the spread.

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