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What is Commercial Landscape Design? What are its types?

commercial landscape design

Earth Development is the leading commercial property landscaping company in the Midwest. Our contractors work with companies in various sectors to design and manage functional and appealing outdoor spaces during the year. In the Midwest, Earth Development assists clients in a range of industries. A business landscaping consultant will guarantee that your building, whether it’s a restaurant or a store, or an office building or a factory, looks appealing to your consumers. Corporate gardening is critical for firms with employees who need exposure to their outdoor areas. So, just exactly is landscaping in terms of business and residential design?

This is the method of designing and preserving beautiful outdoor environments tailored to each person’s preferences, needs, and budget. According to Earth Development business landscaping specialists, commercial landscape design is a process of defining the essential purpose of an outdoor area and stepping back to produce a space that looks nice, reflects the brand, and fulfils the proper function.

Lawn maintenance and installation, plant and tree selection, architectural constructions and pavement, and providing a welcoming environment for consumers, clients, and staff are all part of commercial landscape architecture.

Landscaping Differences Across Residential and Commercial

The function of the outside space you construct or manage is the primary distinction between residential and commercial landscaping.

Residential landscaping is frequently tailored to families with only a few members. On the other hand, commercial landscape frequently necessitates the creation of outdoor areas that can accommodate hundreds, if not thousands, of people. Commercial landscaping could also necessitate more frequent care of larger outside spaces.

Landscape design services come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

commercial landscape design

Landscape design services come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They are as follows:

  • Seeding/overseeding/hydroseeding
  • Taking care of your lawn
  • Upkeep of flower beds
  • Weeding \sFertilizing
  • Controlling pests
  • Hardscaping/landscape architecture
  • Contracting for design
  • Irrigation
  • Fencing
  • Paving and patio…

Landscape Bed Management Services by Professionals

Flower bed upkeep is an important aspect of landscaping. Your flower beds may radically improve the look of your business space if they are properly maintained, projecting a positive appearance from the time clients or customers walk through the door. It is also crucial to know how to improve landscaping for industrial buildings and warehouses. We employ a staff of highly qualified landscapers across the Midwest at Earth Development that help the company, large and small, maintain their potted plants and lawns. We take one more worry off your shoulders by providing comprehensive care packages that ensure your patios, parks, lawns, even potted plants consistently look great.