Thursday, 30 May 2024

Replacing Toilet Seat – A Knowhow

how to properly remove an old toilet seat

Replacing a toilet seat becomes essential after a period of time. At such times, there is no other option but to replace it wholly. These days, with the availability of great tools, you can replace the seat on your own. Also, when you buy a new seat, you get all the nuts and washers to go with it, which makes the job much easier.

The facts about seats you need to know

Changing seats is actually a simple process but you need to know the tricks and tips about the process and procedure.

One thing that you should know is that there are different seats available. They are mainly classified on the basis of the handles they have, if there is one, then it is a single handle and if there are two, then it is a double handle seat. Since today, everything is about condensing or two-in-one equipment, the single handle seat is the latest trend. In such a seat, you can get hot and cold water with the single handle itself whereas in a double handle, each is for hot and cold water separately.

How to Tighten a Loose Toilet Seat

How to properly remove an old toilet seat? When you embark on replacing the toilet seat, then you need to get a seat that is of similar type. It is best to check with the store the right seat you will require. You can take the fixture to them and they will guide you. But, if you wish to change the type, that is turning a double handle seat to a single handle or vice-versa, you will need professional help.

Know what parts are there in a toilet seat. Once you know the different parts and the way to remove it or unfasten, your job will get easier. In fact, do not go about to change the seat without having a good knowledge about the different parts that make up a seat.

You will need certain tools so that you can do a good job of replacing the seat. You will require a basin wrench, shut-off valves, a supply pipe and other general tools that are already there in your tool kit.

Hence, first find what the problem is and if the problem is with the seat, then replace it by simply removing the old one, cleaning it and then installing the new seat. Talk to a professional today to get your toilet seat fixed.