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The Legacy Of Wardak

A man who is ready for anything and any situation exists, he is Hamed Wardak. A man who was born in Afghanistan, the son of General Abdul Rahim Wardak. Hamed’s father fought against Russian and later named as the Defense Minister. ContentHow, a digital marketing firm, confirmed that Hamed accomplished enough during his last lifetimes. During the war, he was one of the millions of refugees who fled Afghanistan. With that, Wardak started his life in the U.S.; he became a U.S. citizen at his young age. During his school days, he was enrolled in Georgetown University where he graduated as the class valedictorian. A degree in political theory and the government was earned by him, which is known as a Rhodes Scholar.

Wardak business venture

Wardak business venture

Hamed Wardak becomes a successful man in the corporate world. He managed mergers and started a clothing line named Ludas Athletics. Additionally, he never stops, a musical production was formed with the name Valen of Wicked. The musical production company becomes a part of his business because the profit earned goes to the needy. Meaning, he continued to help the suffering refugees. He knows what life the refugees are experiencing. So, he understands everything about it that made him decide of making philanthropic efforts. What made him comes up with the word wicked? Hamed explains that he used the word wicked for good and bad experiences in his past. So, the sound he is creating does not focus on one sound; instead, it is from diverse sounds from different cultures.

Story and legacy

Wardak was never a selfish man. He is a man with a heart to the needy. The primary focus of Wardak during his adult life was his homeland. He never forgot his homeland, which made him decide to return to Afghanistan and continue his philanthropic efforts to his fellowmen. He begins involving in business that made him popular in the government. Just like his father, he also served the people bringing profit where Afghans have benefit in it. He started to generate profit from being a leader in a company where he gives his works and efforts. Also, he is a brave man. Hamed continued helping the Afghans through his new-found apparel brand and music production company. Both new ventures have helped him continued his philanthropic efforts. CUSAP, a new-found nonprofit organization in which Hamed is a co-founder. The organization aims for the prosperity and sustainable security of Afghanistan.

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Social Media Services

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Positive effects of social media on business

Social media has become a cool platform for the marketing purpose. With this type of websites, your brand can be made popular among many people and also the return on investment is made great

  • When you use social media platforms, it is good for you to make faster as well as easier communications to your audience. It is the best way to talk and interact with more people.
  • Other good thing that you can receive by having a business account in any of the social media sites is you are available for the customers to answer about anything anytime.
  • Since most of the people have an account in these social media platforms like All Social and by interacting to people with these sites, you can make your business visible to more and more individuals.
  • Other than having a business website, when you own a social media page, you can drive more new customers to visit your site. This can be achieved by interacting to people in your account more often by asking questions and sharing links related to your service.

social media sites

  • Posting images, videos and other things related your business in the social media is the best way to engage with your audience. Also it can act as a two way communication, as they can reply a comment or a feedback to your posts and services.
  • Social media offers a good opportunity to make your brand name and logo well aware to the people. Building brand awareness is a difficult task and it can be done easily by social media platforms.
  • Social media can change your level of competition and it can be accomplished by promoting your service well to the public. Once your customers are well known with your service, they will rush into your site than any other services.

Behind The Feels From The Films

Do you love watching films?

Today, many films have been produced because of the rising demand of people who love watching movies. There are different types of films nowadays, namely:

Action films

Romantic films

Adventure films

Drama films

Musical films

Real-life films

Horror films

Comedy films

Historical films

Science fiction films

Science fiction films

These are the different kinds of movies nowadays, and each of us has our taste and favorite type of film. These films are accepted and loved by different people across the world. But why do people enjoy movies?

  1. Entertainment value

Films bring us mixed emotions, and it is a roller coaster ride of feelings. It can make us laugh, cry, angry, hurt, and make our heart jump.

  1. Relaxation

One of the pastimes of working people is to watch any films they want. It is a time of relaxation to them while lying down on their bed or to any comfortable places they want.

  1. Bonding

Films are somehow bringing a family together. Today, it is mostly the bonding time of a family and even friends. There are many good and great things that the films are doing in our lives. Through the great different film producers nowadays, we get the chance to see the various films.

Through the help of our good film producers, who are investing and financing on film making, we are experiencing the creation of different filmmakers in different parts of the world. One of the known film producers is Ryan Kavanaugh. He is a well-known producer in the United States of America. His story has been known by different people that are involved in the entertainment industry.

One of the known producing American media companies is Relativity Media. It is located at Beverly Hills in California, wherein it is a full-scale film studio. It develops, produces, and distributes different films. This company was founded in the year 2004 by the great producer, Ryan Kavanaugh. The man behind the Relativity Media had a humble beginning in Hollywood. Until, he started in structuring business deals with Sony, Warner Brothers, Universal, and many more. Through this, his market has become wider, which resulted in acquiring several assets. Today, he was already engaged in multiple aspects of entertainment. He is known to be financing both in film and television, music publishing, digital media, and production and distribution. He is now generating over $17 billion in worldwide box-office revenue. He is a great known person who earned 60 Oscar Award nominations. Until today, he continues to work in entertainment to continue his mission for the viewers.


What Are Your Rights As A Tenant?

If you want to rent a private residence as a tenant, you need to be fully aware of your rights as a tenant. This way, you will not be cheated to your rights at any point or for any reason.  Aside from rights, you also have certain responsibilities as a tenant. It is eve advisable that you know your rights as a tenant before you rent that private apartment.  In the remaining part of this write-up, we will enlighten you about your rights as a tenant and get you prepared for eventualities.  We will equally mention what you should bear in mind as a tenant in the course of the write-up.

Your rights as a tenant

You should make sure that you have access to the tenancy agreement when you rent that private residence. The tenancy agreement should outline all your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.  You and the landlord should both co-sign the tenancy agreement also as this document is legally binding.  The tenancy agreement should be in compliance with the law and should also be fair. If you do not know how a tenancy agreement should be composed, you can find various samples online that can put you through.  These samples will help you to decide if the tenancy agreement given to you by the landlord or his agent is composed properly.  It will help to ensure that your rights are well protected in the tenancy agreement.

tenancy agreement

If you are dealing with the estate agent and do not have a direct access to the landlord, you have the right to request for the identity of the landlord form the letting agency. If your landlord refuses to reveal his identity to you or if the letting agent fails to do that within 21 days, you have the right to use them.

You should take some time to read the tenancy agreement properly before you sign it. Make sure you read between the lines  as this will open your eyes to  the hidden contents of the tenancy agreement, thereby, helping you to know if your rights are respected or not.

If you are confused about what your rights should be as a tenant, you can get in touch with a lawyer, who can enlighten you about your rights and help you to make the right decisions about the tenancy agreement. If you find any clause that you do not understand in the tenancy agreement, you should get in touch with a lawyer, who can help shed more light on the tenancy agreement. Also, you should never allow the landlord or the letting agent to hoodwink you into signing the tenancy agreement as this can have unwanted repercussions. Make sure you fully understand the contents before you ever append your signature.

How to Prepare Well For a Journey

Traveling is part of education and it can open your eyes to a lot of things. No journey is too small; every journey must be treated with the same measure of carefulness and attention. If you are traveling over a short of long distance, there are certain important things you should keep in mind so that your journey can turn out to be a memorable one.  In the course of this write-up, we will show you a couple of things that will make your journey interesting and fulfilling

Never leave a towel out

When you are preparing to travel, you should not forget to pack a towel along as this will improve your hygiene while on the journey. Towels may seem unnecessary, but you just cannot know when they will become useful.  You may have cause to visit the beach or go for a picnic whiles you area at your destination; a towel will prove useful in such a situation.  You can use it to dry up or wipe of the seat on your face, which makes the towel very important, especially when you are traveling to the tropical region.   A small towel is light in weight and will not add any extra weight to your bag.

traveling preparation

A backpack or suitcase must

When buying a suitcase or backpack for your traveling preparation, it is better to go for a small suitcase or backpack since this will force you to pack light for the journey. Traveling light improves mobility and equally reduced the cost of traveling. Some airlines companies will allow you to carry a particular quantity of loads of free.  Packing light means you will be compelled to leave behind those unnecessary things that only end up occupying space pointlessly.

You do not have to pack too many dresses while traveling. There is nothing bad in wearing the same shirt two or three times before disposing of it.  To help you pack light, you should first list the items you will need at your destination. Make sure only essential items are included in the list. Do not include items that you will end up not requiring so that you do not end up overburdening yourself.

Extra socks are important

You should never forget to include extra pairs of socks in your load as this will most likely become a necessity.  If you will be involved in a lot of walking around while on the journey, then it is possible that your socks get torn in the process. The torn and worn socks can be replaced with the new one so that you can travel better. You will feel fresh when you change to a new pair of socks.  Also, you should not forget to take an extra credit card or bank card in case the one on you gets lost.

Tips on How to Start a Small Business

You do not have to save up thousands of dollars before you can start your business; you can start small and grow over time and you will never regret it if you put the right things in place. Studies show that there are over 28 million small businesses in the United States today.  This means that small businesses make up a whopping 99.7% of all the businesses in the United States.

If you have a unique business idea, you do not have to wait until you have a lot of money to kick-start that business; you can start from scratch and grow with time.  You are better off if your business has the desired flexibility to grow. Starting your own business will give you financial independence and you will never be limited by salaries.  Needless to say, starting your own business will give you the opportunity to invest in yourself.

In this write-up, we will enlighten you about how to start your own small business so that you will not end up like many failed small businesses ended up. Studies show that up to 1/3rd of small businesses never survive beyond two years. The details provided here will help you to understand how to start and run your startup so that you will not end like those failed small businesses.

small business

Proper research is helpful

Before you start that small business with the little money you have, you should first do proper research about that line of business and also find out from those who are already doing the business how it run. There is nothing bad in learning from those who are already doing business, either as their apprentice or their employee. Find out if your business idea is unique enough and if that uniqueness will give the business the potential to succeed.  It is advisable to first run the business through validation process before you start it.

Before you start the business, first ask yourself the questions below:

  • Are people in need of the products or services your small business will offer?
  • Who are those that need your products and services?
  • How many companies are currently offering the same products and services that you plan to offer?
  • How competitive is your niche?
  • Is it possible for your new business to fit into the market and how?
  • Will you be offering products and services that are unique from what your competitors are offering?

Proper planning is important

You need to plan your business properly also before you kick-start.  Proper planning will help make your business idea a reality. The business plan will equally act as the blueprint that can guide you through the various processes of building the business .

Tips To Consider When Buying a Used Laptop

Laptops have become essential items these days. It has several advantages that place it far ahead of the desktop computer. It is easy to move around from one place to another. As a result, you can easily take your works on the laptop along with you everywhere you go. Furthermore, a laptop makes life very easy for you and makes your work easy to complete. The laptop has a battery that can supply you with power when there is no main supply. The capacity of the batteries differ and can last for hours so that you can continue working for hours after being disconnected from the power grid.  Laptops come in different sizes.

If you want better mobility, you can go for the 10 inches laptop, which you can carry about easily everywhere you go. You do not have to spend an arm and a leg when looking for a laptop to buy; you can simply go for a used laptop if you do not have the money to buy a new one, which is more expensive.

A used laptop can serve you for years if well maintained. However, you need to know the history of that used laptop before you buy as this can help determine if you will get the desired value from it or not.  In the remaining part of this write-up, we will enlighten you about how to make the right choice when buying a used laptop.

used laptop

Check the kitting

Before you buy that used laptop, you should first check the kitting as this can determine if the used laptop is a good choice or not.  A laptop can be considered as being useless if it lacks the necessary component kits; some of the essential components kits are highlighted below:

  • Laptop bags
  • Mouse
  • Essential software
  • Charging device
  • Battery
  • Hardware

If the laptop is not a new model and lacks any of the components above, it may be difficult to find a replacement since the companies making these components might have stopped making components of the older version of the laptop.

Check the body

The exterior of the laptop is as important as the operation of the laptop. The appearance of the exterior can go a long way to tell you how the laptop was treated by the past users.  Check the points below for an idea about what to look out for on the exterior of the used laptop

  • Check for scratches, holes or dents on the body of the used laptop before you buy
  • Check also if any of the shirings, screws and bolts are absent
  • Check if the screen is affected in any way also

Other important things to consider when buying a used laptop include the following:

  • Check the battery life
  • Check the graphics
  • Also check the motherboard
  • Do not forget to inspect the processor of the laptop

Which Are Better Between German And Japanese Cars?

Japanese cars and germane cars are strong and durable. Both countries also make cars with beautiful ergonomic designs and outstanding aerodynamics. This should not be surprising, considering the fact that car brands from America, Europe and Japan dominate the global automobile industry.  Cars made from both countries are technologically wonderful, but there are certain differences between the cars made from either country and you should be aware of these differences when buying a car.

Luxury and maintenance

Japanese cars are built to last for long and the maintenance is very easy. Toyota is a car brand from Japan and it is known to require little maintenance, as well as, built to last for long.  If you need a car for day-to-day use, Toyota brands are just perfect for this purpose.  Toyota brand of cars can run as much as 250,000 miles and can even go higher than that.

On the other hand, German cars are made for luxury. Just like Japanese cars, they are able to withstand any weather condition.  A very good example is the Mercedes-Benz brand of cars; other popular German cars are Volkswagen and BMW.  Aside from offering comfort, they can also move very fast and offer incomparable comfort.  German cars feel studier on handling and this gives the driver the feeling of better control and ensures a smoother ride. While Japanese cars may also be great, they tend to shake when being driven on a bumpy road.

global automobile industry


German cars tend to have more beautiful interior than Japanese cars.  The stereo in German cars are also better than those in Japanese cars. German cars tend to have wider interiors than Japanese cars. As a result, those occupying the back seats will not feel sick or dizzy. German cars come with more airbags than Japanese cars and this places German cars above Japanese cars in terms of safety.

If you are looking for a dependable car, simply opt for a Japanese car. Findings show that German cars, on the other hand, are less reliable than Japanese cars. You should bear this in mind when buying any of these cars so that you can get good value for money.

Common German cars are highlighted below:

  • Porsche
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Audi
  • Volkswagen

Popular Japanese cars are:

  • Mazda
  • Toyota
  • Suzuki
  • Honda


Your specific need can determine which hone you opt for between German and Japanese cars.  German cars are among the best choices for those who are living on a budget. German cars must be well maintained at all times to make them useful.  Japanese cars can last longer and require limited maintenance.  If you need a car with a beautiful interior, then you are better off with a German car.