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Asian restaurant in Melbourne

Asian restaurant in Melbourne


Are you looking for an Asian restaurant in Melbourne? Here is the Sunwah located in Mordialloc Victoria which provides the Asian cuisine with a modern fusion. This is run and owned by the family and they have started their journey in the 1960s. For 5 years the restaurant has started offering the Cantonese cuisine which is the traditional one to the techniques which are modern fusion and thus creating the food in the unique way of sun wah. The ingredient which is found in this restaurant for every cuisine is fresh and is if high as well as the premium quality.

Best cuisine

The menu of the restaurant has been created around the ingredients which are seasonal, local, and sustainable. These are locally sourced so that there will be support for this business which is local for the farmers. If the travel time is less, there will be ingredients that are fresher and always the better ones and some of the producers include Otway farms and Oceania seafood, Hopkins river farm, and so on. These are all the ingredients that inspire each and every dish that is prepared at this restaurant.

The menu includes a takeaway menu, frozen dumplings, a banquet of the day,  La Carte, let us feed you, set menus, degustation menu, vegetarian/gluten-free menu. So there are multiple cuisine options to choose and enjoy the food once you visit the restaurant or even you can get them home delivered if you are ordering online.  You can contact them for reservation or any other query and the contact details like the phone number are mentioned on the website of sun wah.

Asian restaurant in Melbourne

There may be many restaurants in Melbourne that offer and provide the Asian food but this sun wah is a unique, traditional, and best Asian restaurant which serves the best for its customers. The customers do not include Asian but from all areas to enjoy the authentic taste of each and every dish. There is seriously good food available with this Asian restaurant without any compromise in quality as the restaurant aims to fill the stomach good with good quality ingredients with the mix of the best taste. One can fancy lunchtime at this restaurant and there are plenty of options to choose which tastes like heaven. This is the place where one can enjoy have the excellently cooked food to order and, on your table, or the place you have order within time.


The lovely dumplings are the highlight in this restaurant and if you are really looking for a place to enjoy with family or friends then this will be the right as well as the best option. There are dishes to book or order and explore the wonderful food from Asia in Melbourne.